Cole Caufield could have actually become a Philadelphia Flyers player

Published March 14, 2022 at 10:54

We often see this kind of news to hit on the head of the Montreal Canadiens, but why not do it this time, to hit on the head of another club, why not do it to congratulate the Habs?

In the 2019 NHL Draft, there is a player who fell in the draft. Several experts agreed that he had the talent to come out top-10, maybe even top-5.

The problem? His small size.

You guess I'm talking about Canadians forward Cole Caufield, finally drafted 15th overall, in 2019.

However, before the Habs could get their hands on him, several teams ignored him, including the Philadelphia Flyers. At the 14th pick (held by Philly), Caufield was considered by many to be the obvious and logical pick.

He had been sliding for quite a while in the draft.

Eventually, the Pennsylvania organization opted for a young defenseman, Cam York. The least we can say is that it was not unanimous among this fan base, who wanted their club to get their hands on a single player: Cole Caufield.

This video gets even more amazing after yesterday's game. Scoring the winning goal for the Habs in Philadelphia, Cole Caufield demonstrated how Trevor Timmins drafted the steal of the 2019 draft.

As for Cam York, he's had a fairly quiet start to his NHL career, compared to Caufield, at least. With a four points in 16 games this season with the Flyers, let's say that Philadelphia fans have to bite their fingers, considering that Caufield was indeed available.

They just had to call his name.

We are very happy with the turn of events in any case, what a player he will be for Montreal, for a long time!
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