Insider Pierre LeBrun talks about a potential Jakob Pelletier trade to the Habs

Published March 13, 2022 at 9:10 PM

When Tyler Toffoli was traded to the Calgary Flames last month, many fans of the team were disappointed that Flames prospect Jakob Pelletier was not involved in the deal.

Pelletier had even wondered if he was part of the trade when he learned about the trade. But there would always be hope to see the Quebec forward land in Montreal.

Insider Pierre Lebrun, of the site The Athletic, mentioned in his column that indeed, Kent Hughes would have interest in Pelletier.

«My feeling is that the Habs have a strong interest in Flames prospect Jakob Pelletier, drafted in the first round in 2019.» – Pierre LeBrun

This season in the American League, Pelletier tallied 46 points, including 20 goals in 47 games.

LeBrun also said the Flames still have their eye on defenseman Ben Chiarot, and he came very close to being involved in the Tyler Toffoli trade. However, the organization of the Flames had judged that the price to bring these two players at the same time in Calgary was too high.

Now that we are one week away from the trade deadline, could the two organizations put it back and complete another trade?

Most rumors point to Kent Hughes' asking price to get Chiarot as a first-round pick or top prospect. And since Pelletier is a top prospect and was a first-round pick of the Flames in 2019, why not bring him to Montreal.

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