We just heard some great news for Kent Hughes regarding the trade market

Published March 13, 2022 at 6:34 PM

With the NHL trade deadline a week away, the market is getting tighter and tighter and the picture is becoming clearer.

In the past few days, big names have left the trade market, such as Flyers defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen, who agreed with his team on the terms of a five-year contract, which will earn him 5.1 million per year. (25.5 million in total)

But that's not all.

We just learned another good one. According to Sportsnet's excellent Jeff Marek, defender John Klingberg's name has now been taken off the market. He will stay in Dallas.

It's big, because he was probably the best defender available and therefore, the teams that wanted him (the teams that had him at the top of their list, ahead of Chiarot) are going to have to look to other options to reinforce their defensive.

Ben Chiarot is therefore rising in their priority lists and becoming more and more attractive to other clubs. This is obviously excellent news for Kent Hughes, who will try to create an "overbid" to get the best possible return.

There is more. Another excellent available defender, Jakob Chychrun, unfortunately suffered an injury yesterday. It greatly reduces the chances of seeing him change his address by March 21. He too will therefore probably not be traded.

This is good news for the Montreal Canadiens, because the fewer good players there are available on the market, the more those who are there increase their value... We recently learned that the offers for Chiarot were judged to be " disappointing" so far.

That was before the news about Ristolainen and Klingberg, but let's bet that with this news, that will change quickly. The offers will improve.

In the end, Hughes should be able to receive at least one quality prospect or first-round pick for veteran defenseman Chiarot...maybe more!

What would your prediction be?

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