Chantal Machabée's REAL mandate seems to be clear with the Montreal Canadiens!

Published January 5, 2022 at 4:23 PM

Today, the Montreal Canadiens hit a home run by hiring Chantal Machabée as Vice President of Communications.

This hiring has created a wave of reactions among Chantal's former colleagues, including Félix Séguin, the Habs game describer at TVA Sports.

According to him, Chantal Machabée's mandate will be to allow greater access to the Tricolore players and their managers.

According to Séguin, a certain distance has developed between the media and the Habs over the years under the Marc Bergevin era. The Montreal organization has been accused, more often than not, of hiding colossal information from the media.

Félix Séguin mentioned two examples of this concealment mission.

"Two examples come to mind. As you know, the future of Shea Weber is unclear. He still hasn't answered questions from reporters who ran into him when the Habs played in Seattle earlier this year."

"Also, since leaving the NHL's assistance program, Carey Price still hasn't spoken publicly. Yet he's in Montreal and he's around the team. The examples are numerous. Everyone has an opinion in the business."

There is no doubt that Chantal Machabée will be able to meet this challenge, as she was an incredibly respected journalist throughout the NHL and by her peers. She knows the reality of the media and there is no doubt that she will want to remedy the situation to make the organization more accessible, as it was before.

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