Chantal Machabée breaks silence on her new job with the Montreal Canadiens

Jeff Drouin
January 5, 2022  (4:19 PM)

Chantal Machabée delivered her first comments as vice-president of communications at the Montreal Canadiens to journalist Jean-François Chaumont.

She has given herself quite a mission, which is that journalists become the wings of the Montreal Canadiens organization.
"I don't want us to be the enemy anymore. It didn't make sense. That will change. It's important for me, but it's also important for the Habs. It's important for Geoff Molson and for France Margaret Bélanger."
The latter was contacted only two days after Paul Wilson was fired by Geoff Molson. Mr. Wilson even took the time to contact her.
She did her homework before accepting such an offer from the Tricolore.
"I had several meetings with France and Geoff, said Machabée. I also spoke with Jeff Gorton. I did my homework before taking the plunge. I am very at peace and very happy with my choice."
"I want to make it clear that I am becoming the VP of Hockey Communications. I won't have the same job as Paul Wilson. In fact, Paul took the time to call me to congratulate me. That really warmed my heart. It's a different role. I will be focusing on the Habs, the Rocket, the Habs Alumni and the Foundation. I will work with the GM, with Jeff Gorton, the coach and the players. I'll still be present on a daily basis, traveling with the team."
She even divulged details about her role with the team. She will obviously be very important to the organization.
"The Canadiens see me as a bit of a chief of staff, like in the White House. I'll be the bridge to the media, but I'll also be able to give information about the team with the news of the day. The Canadiens has molded the position to my skills and strengths. In a sense, I will have carte blanche in how I work. I will communicate with France Margaret who is my boss, but also with Geoff Molson. But Geoff also knows that I have ideas and he wants to hear them. He told me that I can think outside the box, I can propose things that have never been done before."
Chantal Machabée said she was VERY proud to be part of "Guy Lafleur's team". She is even very moved by it, since the Démon Blond means a lot to her.
"The first person I thought of was Guy Lafleur. The first thing I said to France Margaret when she made me the offer, I laughed and said it was Guy Lafleur's team. Guy is the reason I became a sports journalist. I've always said that. Now I find myself on Guy's team. I am now a member of the Montreal Canadiens. I talk about it and I get emotional. Guy has a huge symbolism in my life."
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