Do the Edmonton Oilers want the two Habs' goalies?

Published January 5, 2022 at 3:15 PM

Nothing is going on with the Edmonton Oilers. Plus, even if Dave Tippett was fired, it would make absolutely no difference which goalkeeper was in the net.

Mike Smith is made of porcelain, so the net is entrusted to Mikko Koskinen, who keeps the net as only he can do, which often means very big highs and very big lows in the same minute.

Koskinen has a percentage of ,900 and a goal-against average of 3.00... which is very common, especially since the Oilers have a good team.

In Montreal, Jake Allen is the interim number one goaltender, so if Carey Price came back this year and offered great performances before the deadline, he could be traded. Otherwise, if Allen stays number one, he could be the one who leaves.

That is why Patrick Henri, who covers the Edmonton Oilers on behalf of Radio-Canada, put Allen and Price on the list of potential candidates for the Oilers, as well as Marc-Andre Fleury.

After all, Allen has been performing well since his return to the lineup, and despite all the deficiencies within the team, he presents more than honest statistics (save percentage of ,903).

If Price and his $10.5 million do not come back this season, Ken Holland could turn to Allen, 30, who earns an average salary of $2.875 million until 2023.
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