Carey Price's wife just revealed her special car

Published June 21, 2023 at 7:27 PM

In the category of miscellaneous news related to the Canadiens, have you ever wondered what car Angela and Carey Price have been driving in Montreal over the past few years?

It's the kind of question we often receive from car enthusiasts, the curious, or simply fans who want to know where to look to spot their idols in the city.

When we talk about the cars of the Habs players, generally many of you appreciate it, so here's a good one.

While her family has left Montreal, Angela Price shared a photo of the car she's leaving behind and that she clearly really loves.

"I just said goodbye to this beauty (referring to her car).

I'm OBSESSED with the (Land Rover) Defender, I'm just going to need something bigger for the West." - Angela Price

See the aforementioned photo, and her post:


And pictures of the car:



See below for Angela's travel photos.

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Carey Price's wife just revealed her special car

What type of car would you have if you were a millionaire?

Land Rover13813.1 %
A big luxury truck22621.4 %
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