Carey Price returns in a few days

Published November 2, 2021 at 12:04

There is no date on the calendar, but Carey Price will be back in a few days (at home and not in the team's entourage), according to Coach Ducharme. I remind you that Carey Price had to spend 30 days away from his family because of his journey with the program offered to players in the National Hockey League.

Just like that, this Friday, November 5, will mark 30 days since Price voluntarily entered the player assistance program. So he should be back with his family by then, having spent Halloween without his family.

He is far from ready for a return to the game, but the first step in his healing process is coming to an end. After that, he will continue what he has started, train and eventually reconnect with his teammates... which may not be until next year.

In short, there are still a LOT of steps before Carey Price can return to the team and get his net back. Don't forget that he was recovering from a knee injury as well, having had surgery last July.
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