Burrows explained Ducharme's reaction in the locker room after the Kassian event

Published February 3, 2022 at 11:04

Alex Burrows appeared on 91.9 Sports to talk about his work and his Montreal Canadiens. He obviously went back to the Kassian-Montembeault-Petry sequence.

He was powerless behind the bench, and he didn't see the sequence well, but knowing his temperament as a player, NEVER would he have avoided the confrontation as a result of that sequence, as did Jeff Petry and Mike Hoffman.

That said, Burrows said the coaching group was not happy, the coaches would have liked the group to react. Ducharme talked about it after the sequence, in the locker room, but he did not «kick» anything, according to Burrows, who saw other coaches fire a holy crisis.

In short, Burrows thought it was sad for Montembeault since the young man plays injured (on one wrist) currently in order not to let the team down.
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