Brendan Gallagher had a message for Phillip Danault and Tomas Tatar

Published July 29, 2021 at 9:09 PM

For the past few seasons, if one had to name the Habs most consistent line, it would undoubtedly be Tomas Tatar, Brendan Gallagher and Phillip Danault. For a long time, these players were considered to be the Canadiens' first line.

However, those days are over, as Phillip Danault has left for Los Angeles, while Tomas Tatar's contract will most likely not be renewed by Marc Bergevin. Only the eternal number 11, Brendan Gallagher, remains in the Montreal Canadiens' line up.

He was obviously very close of his two former teammates.They created a very strong bond together, even that Gallagher sent them a message through his Instagram account.

To Phillip Danault :

"To Phil, it felt good to have tutored you in English. I can confidently say that you are ready to walk the streets of Los Angeles and almost fit in them well. However, don't wear your "jorts" (very short jean shorts)."

To Tomas Tatar :

"To "Tuna", where to start with you. I have taught you so much. Whether it was at the card table or the daily lessons of rock, paper and scissors. Every day I've watched you gradually become a little more like me. I couldn't be more proud than I already am."

"Thanks guys!"

Gallagher lost two teammates, yes, but he also lost two good friends, even brothers. It's times like this that you realize that hockey is much more than a business. There's the human side as well.

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