Ben Chiarot and Tuukka Rask have been linked to a Western Canada team

Published November 18, 2021 at 3:02 PM

With the Habs' miserable season, many analysts are wondering if Marc Bergevin will go into seller mode by the trade deadline. The name that stands out the most is Ben Chiarot.

Monteral's number 8 is currently playing out the last year of the three-year contract he signed with the Habs in 2019. If he can't come to an agreement with Montreal, Marc Bergevin could inevitably use his market value to acquire interesting elements to revive his team.

Elliotte Friedman mentioned that the Edmonton Oilers could clearly be interested in Chiarot's services. Edmonton will be looking to make a run at the playoffs next spring and one of Chiarot's strengths is his ability to take his game to the next level in those situations.

What could the Habs get in return? According to Jeff Marek, the Canadiens could get no less than a first round pick at the very least, in return for the tough defenseman.

In addition, the Oilers could look to the free agency to improve in front of the net. A certain Tuukka Rask is committed to the Boston Bruins, certainly, if he doesn't make it back to Massachusetts, he'll look at opportunities elsewhere. Rask could definitely be a top pick for the Alberta team due to his experience.

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