Auston Matthews has shown once again that his leadership is lacking

Published October 28, 2021 at 1:13 PM

Auston Matthews is among the best young players of his generation. He can score goals, he's dynamic and he has spectacular offensive skills, in short he has everything going for him on the ice.

However, Matthews is criticized for his ability to take his game up a notch in important situations, especially in the playoffs. In addition, his lack of leadership is the subject of much discussion. This is why he is not the captain of the Ontario team.

Sportsnet pointed out a situation that confirms our suspicions about Matthews' anemic leadership.

In the footage in question, defenseman Justin Holl can be seen calmly and intelligently entering offensive territory with the puck. However, the entry into offensive territory could not be completed without the officials' interruption, as Auston Matthews outran the puck carrier. He entered the zone in a hurry, so the referee called it offside.

Despite the fact that Matthews was offside on the play, he still found a way to blame his teammate Justin Holl. A great lack of leadership from the American forward.

Is this a great sign that Matthews should not be the headliner or even the leader of his team? Maybe, who knows? When you watch Matthews go, you don't have to wonder about the Maple Leafs' lack of playoff success... A true leader guides you, leads by example and encourages you.

He is ALL about hockey! It's not about that, quite the opposite. But his ability to motivate his troops and make others better...
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