The situation of the Tricolore's goalkeepers is precarious and complex

Published October 28, 2021 at 1:11 PM

Since Carey Price left the ship temporarily to get better, it's Jake Allen who has to hold down the fort. Yes, the same Jake Allen who has not been able to impose himself as a real number one goalie during his many years in St. Louis.

Allen is a good goalie, there is no doubt about that. The organization is very lucky to have him these days. However, Marc Bergevin will have to help him out. Samuel Montembeault is currently the Canadiens' backup goalie, a situation that is not likely to become permanent.

The Quebecer must be happy to be back here, with the team of his childhood. In short, a dream for the young man. However, if the Montreal Canadiens still hope to participate in the playoffs in 2022 and if Carey Price were to be absent for a long time, the CH will greatly need another goalie to support Jake Allen. Montembeault can certainly guard the net for a few games, but in the long run, his contribution will likely wear off.

Ideally, Allen is a goaltender who should keep the net for 30 to 40 games a year. He is currently on track to play 60-70 games, which is not ideal for the Habs.

This is where Marc Bergevin should step in. There is no shortage of quality goalies throughout the NHL. Why not acquire one at a reasonable price? Marc Bergevin is never afraid to make a move to improve his team, so don't be surprised if he makes a trade soon.

Cayden Primeau is not an option. The organization wants him to play often with the Rocket so that he develops into a potential number one goalie in the NHL.

A journalist mentioned that the best candidate in the organization to back up Jake Allen is Michael McNiven. The youngster is bound to be up for the challenge, but with the recent outburst the goalie has made publicly, it would be surprising if the staff gave him such an opportunity.

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