Another executive tore the Sabres apart regarding Eichel' situation

Published September 27, 2021 at 9:23

A National Hockey League executive has completely destroyed (if not torn apart) the Buffalo Sabres' management, pointing a finger at Kevyn Adams, the man holding Jack Eichel's strings.

This anonymous person was incisive towards Adams as he did not believe in lowering his demands while Jack Eichel's value has certainly decreased. The star player has a neck injury, so he is not at the Sabres camp since he is not fit to put on his equipment. He obviously failed his physical tests...

Yes, it's a terrible decision, no less! But, the worst part is that the Sabres are fully entitled to piss off the Eichel clan since, according to the collective agreement in place, the team has the last word on a potential surgery for one of its players.

Since the surgery that should heal Eichel at 100% has never been performed on an NHL player, the Sabres don't want to take any risks. In the meantime, Eichel is drying out at home... and his captain's title has been taken away. What a pathetic story!
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