A former Habs player from Quebec does not like Ryan Poehling

Published September 26, 2021 at 8:43 PM

Ryan Poehling was selected 25th overall in the 2017 amateur draft by the Montreal Canadiens organization. Following his college career in the spring of 2019, he changed the angle of his story. Or rather, the story he was about to paint with his four-goal performance (one in a shootout). The following fall, he arrived with a reputation as the guy who scored three goals, plus one in a shootout, at training camp... and suffered a concussion on the way out.

Since then, he's been searching for himself as a hockey player until last season, when he came out of his shell offensively and found the player he was at the professional level. At least that's what we thought... But he still hasn't shown his fangs since the start of camp, when he should have had the knife between his teeth from his first scratches on the ice.

In fact, he drew the wrath of Benoît Brunet, a former Montreal Canadiens player who has been working for RDS for several years now. Brunet really doesn't seem to appreciate Ryan Poehling's lack of effort... Those who threw rocks at Brunet will also have to throw some at me since I am in harmony with him.

Even though Dominique Ducharme included Poehling among the centers he was going to count on this year, it doesn't mean that everything is set in stone. Poehling needs to put on his work boots and show a strong desire to win. He has to compete to the max, nothing less! It's called an exhibition match, yes, but for Poehling, it's nothing less than an audition, which could be his last with the Montreal Canadiens!
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