Cayden Primeau must not find it funny today...

Published September 26, 2021 at 1:42 PM

Let's face it, the Montreal Canadiens were simply no match for the Maple Leafs last night, who brought out the heavy artillery. The Habs had a wave of young, inexperienced players who clearly didn't pull their weight.

In fact, no one did, as Dominique Ducharme mentioned in his press conference last night. Personally, I expected to see a very healthy Cayden Primeau against the Ontario team. It's the first part of the year, we will have to be patient, that's for sure. It's going to take some time to get back into a rhythm of play.

The former seventh round pick of the Habs will be playing his third professional season this year. The Canadiens' staff must be expecting a lot more from him, considering his potential. Anyway, Primeau left everyone hungry yesterday, including me.

One bright spot stood out though. That bright spot is Michael McNiven.


The man who will probably be the backup goalie for the Laval Rocket was very impressive against the Leafs. Usually, a goalie who is sent into the fray in the middle of the game has no rhythm. However, McNiven was able to establish himself as one of the Tricolore's best players against the Leafs in the second half of the game.

McNiven turned aside 10 of 11 pucks in just over 26 minutes of play. He did make one mistake on Toronto's fourth goal, but he made some big saves for his team.

You could say that McNiven is coming straight out of the mothballs, he who had been "forgotten" by the hockey world after being thrown all around for the past two years. With a performance like that, don't be surprised if he's breathing down Cayden Primeau's neck this year to take more starts with the Laval Rocket.

Will the 24-year-old goaltender stay on track? To be continued...
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