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François Gagnon totally destroyed Mike Hoffman at l'Antichambre

Published September 26, 2021 at 12:46

The Montreal Canadiens organization announced this week that their new forward Mike Hoffman will miss a few weeks of activities, due to a mysterious lower body injury. He will therefore miss the entire training camp, as well as part of the beginning of the 2021-2022 campaign.

Many fans are concerned about this injury, as Hoffman may have difficulty acclimating to his new team. However, François Gagnon brought everyone back to order at l'Antichambre on RDS by sharing his personal opinion on the person and the player that is Mike Hoffman. The renowned journalist is clearly not a fan of the number 68.

"I'm not a Mike Hoffman fan! He's not my type of player, he's not a team player and he's not a player I want as a teammate. However, he is a damn good goal scorer."

That's some pretty disturbing talk, if you believe François Gagnon. The rest of his comments are not reassuring, quite the contrary. According to him, it doesn't make any difference that he is missing four weeks of activities.

"The fact that he misses four weeks and that he misses training camp with a new team, it's not serious at the technical level. He can't play hockey!"

Gagnon backed up his words with some strong arguments.

"Talk to all the coaches who have 'coached' him, he doesn't know what a system of play is. He'll never respect that. Talk to the teammates who have been around him as well."

We all knew it, Mike Hoffman is a one-dimensional player, who only scores goals, mostly on the power play. I'm sure Marc Bergevin made that clear to him when he made the deal with the Ontario forward. His job will not be to make big defensive plays, or even block shots, but to score goals.

See the entirety of analysts' comments about Mike Hoffman :

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