The animosity was there between the Montreal Canadiens...

Published September 26, 2021 at 5:48 PM

Honestly, as I was talking to my colleague and friend Christian Matte before the publication of this text, the famous duel between the Reds and the Whites is never very exciting, but it allows the kids to contemplate the Red, White, and Blue players in a "relaxed" atmosphere.

For my part, I took the opportunity to analyze the general level of involvement since there are some internal struggles. Some players want to prove things, even if this game is just for fun. Alexander Romanov is simply on a mission this year, he wants to prove that he is ahead of Kaiden Guhle and Mattias Norlinder.

The Russian outright threw Josh Anderson, while the power forward countered with a few low blows to the ankles. Do they need to calm down a bit? Telling lions to calm down and play soft doesn't work. Do you think Shea Weber and Corey Perry play more gently in this type of duel? Just a little!

In Guhle's case, he hit Artturi Lehkonen in the face...

Norlinder was another one who played with great intensity, looking very comfortable on the ice, in the defensive zone and in front of the net, where he tried to sweep as much as possible.

Then how about Joshua Roy, who had a double in that game. Yes, it's only an intrasquad game, but the young man, who could become a steal, has made a name for himself in this training camp.

But... despite this, Roy was informed that he was returning to the Sherbrooke Phoenix? What? Already??! A bit of a strange decision, but it shows that positions are scarce with the Habs right now.

He didn't have the chance to play a pre-game, but he left a nice calling card during his first camp with the team.

Oh, and I must admit that I really liked the chemistry on the combination of Jonathan Drouin, Christian Dvorak and Josh Anderson. We can really get attached to this unit.
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