Another Sabres requirement revealed regarding Jack Eichel

Published October 17, 2021 at 12:33

The 2021-2022 season is well and truly underway, but Jack Eichel is still with the Buffalo Sabres. Everyone knows that it would be very surprising to see the former Sabres captain in that uniform again, but the organization is making it even more difficult for a future trade to happen.

What Elliotte Friedman said last night was that the Sabres are not willing to withhold salary from Eichel's contract. They are willing to accept other contracts in the trade, but they wouldn't want to withhold anything at all from the star player's $10 million salary.

Also according to Friedman, the Colorado Avalanche would have called Buffalo to get their hands on Eichel. However, when they learned that the Sabres would not withhold any portion of the American's salary, the discussions stopped there.

Will the Eichel saga ever end? Where will he end up? One thing is certain, the Sabres are doing very well without their former captain, having won their first two games of the season.
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