Jonathan Drouin, thank you for everything!

Published October 17, 2021 at 12:32

Jonathan Drouin, who took a break from hockey last April, showed up in spectacular mental and physical shape in September. For those who see his retirement as a "weakness," you certainly don't suffer from anxiety or other mental parasites. To me, this is a very BIG display of courage.

Number 92 is an inspiration to young people who, like me, suffer from anxiety or insomnia. Anyway, I have to thank the fans at the Bell Centre for the standing ovation they gave Jonathan Drouin, who so deserved all that love.

That said, so far, the Habs have scored three goals... yes, only three little goals! Of those three goals, two have been scored by Jonathan Drouin and one by a defenseman, Chris Wideman. Drouin scored the first goal of the season and the first one at home, isn't it perfect to celebrate his return?

If he keeps it up, and Dominique Ducharme leaves him with Josh Anderson, Drouin will have the best season of his career (if both players avoid the infirmary as much as possible). For "Jo", it's comforting to play with number 17. He feels good and secure when his good friend Anderson is by his side. So let's not split this duo, OK?
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