Reasons for Weber and Edmundson's absence from the opening game

Published October 17, 2021 at 10:28

Saturday night, the Montreal Canadiens opened their season at the Bell Centre, and during this electrifying start, a ton of ovations were served.

The most acclaimed players were Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield, Jonathan Drouin, Carey Price and Shea Weber. At least according to my ears...

That said, three players were conspicuous by their absence on opening night: Joel Edmundson, Shea Weber and Carey Price.

In the case of Price, we all understand why he wasn't there, he distanced himself from the team and the public in order to heal his mind.

But Weber and Edmundson, what were the reasons for their absence? The first stayed in British Columbia and the second returned home for family reasons.

Edmundson had a good reason, but the captain should have come out to greet the Bell Centre crowd, right? He wears the "C", so logically, he should have come to greet the crowd to set an example...

Number 6 is still one of my favorites in the NHL, but despite that, I sincerely believe that he should have been at the opening party. At least that's my opinion!
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