Andrew Hammond's wife has a beautiful message for Habs fans

Published March 22, 2022 at 8:47 PM

Now that the dust has settled from the hectic trade deadline, teams are preparing to welcome their new players and player families are preparing for their new cities.

This is especially true for goaltender Andrew Hammond ,and his wife Marlee, who are moving to New Jersey.

Remember that yesterday, Hammond went from the Habs, to the Devils, in exchange for Nate Schnarr. The wife of goalie Hammond commented on her husband's departure to New Jersey, via Twitter and she had a special message for Habs fans.

Wheeew! What a season this is for us! I don't think anyone will ever understand how much Andrew loved playing for Montreal. Those were some of my favorite games to watch ever. I'm sad I never got to meet Youppi! but Montreal and those games were so much fun! (with hearts)

Oh and Montreal fans, thank you for the warmest welcome ever to Andrew!!! it was the best game. amazing fans. - Marlee Hammond

She adds that she could have seen herself spending her entire life in Montreal.

We really wish Andrew Hammond the best of luck with his new team. By completing the trade, GM Kent Hughes wanted to give him a chance to play games in the NHL.

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