Rumor has it that Bergevin planned to acquire Jaroslav Halak if Price left for Seattle

Published March 22, 2022 at 7:50 PM

We all remember that last summer, Carey Price was left unprotected by the Habs for the Seattle Kraken expansion draft.

He agreed to waive his no-trade clause and some people were even convinced that Kraken general manager Ron Francis was going to make Price the starting goalie for the NHL's 32nd team.

In the end, Seattle selected defenseman Cale Fleury for the Habs and many hockey fans were relieved with the decision.

But if Price had ended up with the Kraken, what would Marc Bergevin have done to make up for this huge loss?

According to Charles-Alexis Brisebois of, Marc Bergevin's plan B to replace Carey Price would have been a certain Jaroslav Halak. You heard me right.

During his column on CHOI Radio X in Quebec City, veteran journalist Réjean Tremblay mentioned that Bergevin would have contacted the player agent, Allan Walsh, to inquire about one of his available clients.

The journalist believed that initially, the former Habs GM's plan was to bring Marc-Andre Fleury to Montreal, a client of Walsh's, but since Fleury was traded to the Chicago Blackhawks, Bergevin would have turned to the Slovakian goaltender, who dazzled Habs fans during the 2010 playoffs.

But with Price ultimately staying with the Habs, that famous Plan B fell through and Halak signed as a free agent with the Vancouver Canucks. And it has to be said that his season has not been a success, as he has only two wins in 13 games with the Canucks this season.

Imagine if Price had left the Habs last summer and been replaced by Halak. We would probably have seen the return of the famous rivalry that existed when the two goalies were in Montreal.

However, it's a safe bet that Halak would have probably been the Habs' second goalie behind Jake Allen.

To hear Réjean Tremblay's interview on Radio X, it's here
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