An analyst tried to kick Josh Anderson in the butt

Published November 15, 2021 at 4:21 PM

Difficulty, inconsistency and injuries, three major aspects of the Habs' 2021-2022 season. Yes, the Tricolore have a lot of injuries, but from what we can see, the other players are having a lot of trouble taking their game up a notch. Josh Anderson is one of them.

The number 17 often starts games with energy, but he is not able to keep a certain consistency in his game. That's what Eric Fichaud said in an interview with 91.9 Sports.

Fichaud has had high expectations of Josh Anderson for the past two years. He saw him as a Tom Wilson, a power forward, capable of changing the tone of a game. However, that is not what we see from Anderson this year. He had a big training camp, but didn't carry his game into the regular season.

With the seven-year, $5.5 million per season contract that the Habs gave Anderson, people can afford to have high expectations for him.

We want to see a lot more from him. Fichaud would like to see the Josh Anderson that scored 30 goals in Columbus. He's supposed to be one of the Tricolore's great leaders, but right now he's not acting like it.

Anderson has seven points, including three goals, in 17 games this season and has maintained a poor -12 rating.
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