Montreal Canadiens prospect sweeps the board this week in the OHL

Published November 15, 2021 at 3:30 PM

Joe Vrbetic, does that ring a bell? This 19-year-old is a real behemoth at 6 feet 6 inches and 186 pounds.

This one was a seventh round pick of the Montreal Canadiens in 2021. He participated in the Habs' training camp this fall and he left a pretty interesting calling card.

Obviously, the youngster has grown up since he joined the Montreal Canadiens this fall.

He just received a very interesting honor in the OHL, the title of best goalie of the last week. The North Bay Battalion goaltender maintained a 0.96 goals-against-average, a .956 save percentage and won every other game in the past week. He also recorded a shutout in the process. He has won in 8 of his 11 starts so far this season.

When I think of a seventh round pick, I think of Cayden Primeau. Primeau is unequivocally the Habs' best prospect in front of the net, but I wouldn't be surprised if Vrbetic was breathing down his neck in the next few years.

He still needs to refine his technique and learn how to handle his huge frame in front of the net, but he has some potential. After all, the Habs have developed many NHL-caliber goalies over the years, so maybe the organization could do something interesting with him.

For now, it's all speculation, so time will tell.
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