Anaheim Ducks face controversy despite seven-game winning streak

Published November 15, 2021 at 3:28 PM

The Anaheim Ducks are currently the team of the hour in the NHL, due to their seven consecutive wins. This is a huge surprise at the beginning of the season, considering that all analysts and experts saw them in the bottom of the standings.

However, Troy Terry is playing the best hockey of his life, Ryan Getzlaf appears to be 10 years younger and John Gibson is dominant in front of the cage. There is harmony in this lineup, the young and the veterans have merged well.

However, despite their excellent sequence, there is a situation that irritates the bloggers and journalists who cover the Ducks. Head coach Dallas Eakins is willing to do anything to get the win, and that is at the expense of one of his young players.

To give you some context, young Trevor Zegras had his best game of the season yesterday with three points, including two goals. Dallas Eakins seemed very pleased with his young prodigy's performance at first glance.

"He's a wonderful thing to have in my back pocket," head coach Dallas Eakins said of Zegras in the post-game press conferences against the Canucks.

"Even when he's not producing like he'd like to, Z still expects to put up three points every night and that's what I love about this kid. That's something that's very hard to do in this league."

On the other hand, what seems to bother the world about Dallas Eakins is his treatment of young Zegras during game situations. Yesterday, despite Zegras' incredible performance, he didn't touch the ice for the last ten minutes of the game, thus being denied a hat trick. Remember that the Canucks had pulled their goalie late in the game, which could have been an opportunity for Zegras to complete his hat trick.

Instead, Eakins decided to use defensive-minded players late in the game to keep the score close. Remember that while he has improved greatly in this area, Zegras is not the most responsible defensively. The Ducks' coach seems rather reluctant to use Zegras in these situations.

A situation that seems to irritate all the Anaheim media and Ducks fans.

Obviously, even though Eakins is doing everything he can to get his team to win games, people are irritated by his lack of humanism.
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