An English-speaking journalist was frustrated with Geoff Molson this afternoon

Published November 29, 2021 at 6:31 PM

NHL.com reporter Nick Cotsonika understood this afternoon why it was so important for the people of Quebec to have a bilingual general manager at the helm of the CH.

Since most of the Canadiens' fans are French-speaking, it is very important for them to have a leader who is able to make himself understood in French.

He went through a process of frustration, but he learned a lesson.

"To understand the importance of a bilingual general manager in Montreal, listen to a press conference with Geoff Molson, as an anglophone. It's frustrating when you can't understand what's being said. Imagine a French-speaking Montreal Canadiens fan not being able to understand what the GM or head coach is saying."

He then described the hiring of Jeff Gorton and a future Francophone GM as a compromise.

"Hiring Gorton, who is not bilingual, and putting him on a team with a bilingual general manager seems like a compromise. The GM is going to have the final say on everything and he will be the face of the club from an operational standpoint, but who will be greatly supported by Gorton."

With this testimony, it's easy to see why popular opinion is that the CH's next general manager should be a bilingual individual.
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