Alexander Romanov just received a serious offer from a team in Russia

Published July 11, 2022 at 8:56

According to Andrew Zadarnowski, who always does a great job of covering the Montreal Canadiens organization in its entirety, there is news on Alexander Romanov.

According to reports from Sport24.ru, CSKA has just presented a serious two-season contract offer, to the young Romanov, to go play in the KHL.

We're talking about a two season contract and a total value of 120 million rubles. (60 million per season, which is just under a million US dollars per year)

That would be a pay raise, for Romy, but it would also be a lot less than what he could sign with the New York Islanders.

If he accepts the CSKA contract, it would put him among the highest paid players in the KHL.

Also, it's important to mention that the KHL "salary cap" does not include bonuses, which means that players can earn much more than their official salary. (and CSKA gives a lot of bonuses)

Alex Romanov played two seasons with CSKA, before coming to North America to join the Montreal Canadiens. He won a championship, with them, in 2019.

Should we be worried about him leaving the NHL? For now, no, but with the current context in this country, which you know well, and with what's going on with the Kirill Kaprizov and Ivan Fedotov, it's clearly something to watch.

Let's just hope that young Romy will not be "forced" to accept this contract with CSKA.

Please also note that, contrary to what he said at the Habs' end-of-season review, Romanov has returned to his native country and is still there. He has not yet returned to North America.

As a reminder, Romanov was traded to the New York Islanders in the most recent NHL draft (in a trade that netted Kirby Dach). The team has until 5pm tonight to offer him a qualifying offer.

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Alexander Romanov just received a serious offer from a team in Russia

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