Kent Hughes has just hit a real home run with a very interesting acquisition

Published July 10, 2022 at 6:28 PM

Over the past few days, Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens have acquired several intriguing young players via the draft.

There is a lot of talk about Juraj Slafkovsky and Kirby Dach (with good reason), but another youngster is really starting to attract attention.

We're talking about the CH's 62nd overall pick, defenseman Lane Hutson. Hutson, 18 years old, is considered to be a very skilled, very electrifying offensive back with very high potential. (many compare him to Torey Krug, Adam Fox and Quinn Hughes)

If he's so good and so promising, why did he slip to #62? Because he's really small (5'8" and only 148 lbs)

However, that should change quickly. According to his doctors, Hutson should grow a few more inches and that could change everything.

"If he makes it to the 5-foot-10 or 5-foot-11 mark, there's absolutely no doubt he'll belong in the NHL."

Basically, Hutson's growth is stunted due to a problem in his bones (his bone age is 17)

"Based on what the report says, I think I have two years left to grow and I think I can get two to three inches out of it." - Lane Hutson

According to many experts, if he does indeed manage to grow a bit, it's really a home run for Kent Hughes at No. 62. The majority of the top experts, like Craig Button, have mentioned that this is one of the most intriguing (and highest potential) picks in the 2022 draft, especially considering the draft rank.

Hutson is also said to be very smart, to have good "hockey IQ" and to be a "fantastic skater".

Hutson, 18, is 5-foot-8 (5-foot-9 according to some lists) and weighs 148 pounds. He is indeed tiny, but he has tremendous potential. He has 32 points in 27 games this season with the U.S. National Development Team. (plus 63 points in 60 games with the USDP)

Hutson was ranked between 29th and 47th (and the CH got him with the 62nd pick)

We love it! For more details:

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Kent Hughes has just hit a real home run with a very interesting acquisition

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