According to Mathias Brunet, the Habs organization should quickly allow Jeff Petry to return home to his family.

Published March 24, 2022 at 0:22

The NHL trade deadline has passed and defenseman Jeff Petry is still a member of the Habs.

It's looking more and more like a trade could happen for him in the summer, but by the end of the season, coach Martin St-Louis will have to find a way to use him properly.

However, La Presse reporter and regular columnist on 91.9 Sports, Mathias Brunet, went ahead with a rather unusual suggestion regarding the Habs' defenseman.

"The Habs' season is over, they won't make the playoffs. You've got a young guy, Justin Barron, right-handed defenseman coming up, you want to give him a chance. You've got Jordan Harris coming up. You've got Petry missing his family, finding it hard.

Look, me, in a situation like that, what I would do, and it probably won't happen, is I would say to Jeff, "Look Jeff [...] go be with your family [...] take care of the ones you love, recharge, we may not see you again if you get traded this summer, or we see you again and you're rested. There, we don't need your services, we have young people, we experiment." - Mathias Brunet

Let's just say Brunet is going a little hard with this statement, but it would still be pretty surprising if the team's management suggested he go home. Unless Petry himself decides to leave the team, like Jonathan Drouin did last year.

For Petry's sake, and more importantly, for the organization's sake, we have to hope that he can have a good end to the season under the circumstances so that Kent Hughes will be able to go out and get the maximum value for Petry this summer on the trade market.

Thanks to Christian Matte, of Marqueur.com, for the info.

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