Artturi Lehkonen just got some bad news

Published March 23, 2022 at 10:24 PM

We were obviously very excited to see Artturi Lehkonen play his first game in a Colorado Avalanche uniform and also to see who his new trio mates would be.

That was supposed to happen tonight. Lehkonen (and most fans) were expecting him to be in uniform by now, as the Av's get a visit from the Vancouver Canucks, but in the end, he just got some bad news. He will have to wait again.

Even though he was practicing with his teammates this morning and even though he is at the game tonight, he can't put on his new uniform and play the game.

Why can't he do that? Simply because the Finnish forward (his agent) still hasn't completed the necessary immigration paperwork in the United States, which would have allowed him to work and therefore play.

His debut in Colorado will have to wait.

Lehkonen, 26, traded Monday for Justin Barron and a second-round pick, had a solid 29 points in 58 games this season with the Montreal Canadiens.

Do you think he'll continue his success with his new team?

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