Colorado's trade offer for Claude Giroux is revealed: Lehkonen was worth almost as much

Published March 23, 2022 at 9:01 PM

It's no secret that Finnish forward Artturi Lehkonen has been traded from the Montreal Canadiens to the Colorado Avalanche. In exchange, Tricolore GM Kent Hughes received promising young defenseman Justin Barron, as well as a second round pick.

Among the other important trades made in the last few hours, the Florida Panthers acquired star forward Claude Giroux. They won the big derby against... the Colorado Avalanche.

The Av's and the Panthers were indeed the two finalists to acquire Giroux, according to several reputable sources.

Today, we may have more details.

Sportsnet's highly regarded reporter, Elliotte Friedman, has learned of the possible offer made by Joe Sakic to the Philadelphia Flyers for Giroux. (or at least he thinks he knows it)

The offer in question is: Justin Barron + a first round pick.

We are talking about a return very similar to the price paid to acquire Lehkonen (replacing the first round pick with a second round pick).

Really interesting. First, it says a lot about the quality of the trade for Kent Hughes, who received almost as much for Lehkonen as the Flyers would have possibly received for Claude Giroux, imagine that!

Second, it confirms that the Lehkonen trade would never have happened if Giroux had been in Colorado.

Let's mention that he's speaking in the conditional tense and he's still making assumptions, but if Friedman says it, it's not for nothing. He made his calls and did his homework.

Are you satisfied with the Artturi Lehkonen trade? It must be said that the latter will be a restricted free agent this summer, while Claude Giroux will be free as a bird.

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Colorado's trade offer for Claude Giroux is revealed: Lehkonen was worth almost as much

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