A gesture towards Martin St-Louis is noticed and says a lot about his presence

Published February 28, 2022 at 10:33

Montreal Canadiens head coach (interim) Martin St-Louis was present last night for an interview on the popular show Tout le monde en parle, and once again, he was solid.

More and more, he seems like the man for the job and he even has to answer questions because he's "winning too much" these days, which is absolutely amazing honestly.

St-Louis really seems to have an impact on the team, on many levels, and TVA Sports analyst Michel Bergeron, in his Saturday blog at TVASports.ca, pointed out another significant aspect that has changed a lot since the arrival of the new coach. «Bergy» brought up an event that has been overlooked, especially during the most recent victory against the Buffalo Sabres.

«Martin St-Louis had a successful career as a player. He earned the respect of his peers not only for his prowess on the ice, but also for the perseverance he demonstrated in achieving his goals. I find that it is still felt, and not only on the side of his players. On Wednesday, St-Louis asked to speak to the official and the scene marked me. The ref immediately came to see him on the bench (he ran over) and they seemed to have a cordial discussion. Usually, when a team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, it is a bit left behind. There, we feel that he always commands respect." - Michel Bergeron

There is also perhaps a link to be made with the many calls that have gone AGAINST the Habs since the start of the season and which have hurt.

Can it really be a game changer? It's up to you to judge, but clearly, gestures like we saw against the Sabres show that Martin St-Louis is highly respected by his players yes, but also by the referees of the NHL.

That has a value. It's rare that we see a referee rush to the bench of a team to chat with the head coach, who is not happy with a decision.

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