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A comment made by Samuel Montembeault did not sit well with the rest of his teammates

Published January 25, 2024 at 8:49

It's hard to explain, but the VP of hockey operations for the Montreal Canadiens, Jeff Gorton, has raised many questions and reactions by stating that there is tension in the Habs locker room, (as notably reported by the site DLC)

There is one particular passage that caught our attention.

A comment by Samuel Montembeault that did not sit well with the rest of the group

Here is the passage in question, as is, so as not to distort the words.

"On the airwaves of TSN 690, Gorton acknowledged it: there is tension within the team at the moment.

In fact, it all actually started on the night of the game against the Bruins, Gorton explains. Samuel Montembeault felt that the guys had given up in the third period, and that didn't necessarily sit well with the rest of the group."

- Félix Forget, DansLesCoulisses

Gorton also added that he felt there was a tension that persisted within the team, especially during yesterday's practice, but he does not necessarily say that it is harmful.

In short, it is special to hear here that Samuel Montembeault, an extremely respectful teammate and an exemplary person, would have made such a comment.

If that's the case, he certainly had no bad intentions. We are absolutely convinced of that.

But hey, it's what was mentioned so we report it.

At the limit, if Samuel got a little bit sharp, it's far from being a negative thing. (regardless of what the rest of the group may have thought)

We are already looking forward to his next start, he will have fire in his eyes!


Credit and Details: Danslescoulisses.com
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A comment made by Samuel Montembeault did not sit well with the rest of his teammates

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