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ANNOUCEMENT: Gary Bettman has just caused a surprise and it's generating a huge reaction

Published January 24, 2024 at 7:40 PM

As journalist Frank Seravalli aptly points out, what a strange moment for a major announcement from the NHL.

Just seconds after the announcement involving the 5 players from Team Canada Junior 2018, huge news has just broken in the NHL.

An expansion to Salt Lake City?

"Look at that timing.

Prospective NHL owner issues press release asking league for admission a mere minutes after a report says 5 players have been ordered to surrender to police to face pending serious charges." - Frank Seravalli

And following this request for admission to the NHL from Salt Lake City, the NHL issued the following statement which really caused a surprise.

When Quebec asks, Bettman quickly responds "thank you, but no thank you", however, when it comes from Salt Lake City, the NHL is impressed and extremely excited about the project.

Incredible... So don't be surprised if there is eventually an expansion in Utah.

Also it could be more bad news for the Arizona Coyotes.

"They were talking about, ‘Oh, we're going to find a new place pretty quickly.' The year has gone by and they haven't found anything, at least to my knowledge. So the clock is ticking on Arizona, in my opinion.» - NHLPA Marty Walsh

Regarding Salt Lake City: «To me, that's a message to the Arizona Coyotes. The NHL has basically said they need to know about Arizona by the All-Star break, well, we're a week and a half from the All-Star break» - Elliotte Friedman

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ANNOUCEMENT: Gary Bettman has just caused a surprise and it's generating a huge reaction

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