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Philip Danault reveals shocking information on his health

Published May 3, 2024 at 5:24 PM

At a press conference in Los Angeles, former Canadiens forward Phillip Danault made a painful revelation.

It shows that he is truly dedicated, but it also explains why he was a bit less effective than usual in the recent matches.

Danault played the 2024 playoffs with both index fingers broken. Ouch.

Phillip Danault played the playoffs with 8 functional fingers

We can agree that it's really not ideal for holding a hockey stick and taking shots at the net.

"Phillip Danault said he was playing with both index fingers broken.

Broke the right one before the playoffs and the left one during Game 2."

- Via journalist Russell Morgan

Danault, 31, has just finished his third season with the Kings. After campaigns of 51 and 54 points, he scored 47 points this season in Los Angeles, including 17 goals.

In the playoffs, he scored 1 point (no goals) in 5 games. Let's remember that it just ended for the Kings, who were eliminated in five games by the Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday night.

He is under contract there until 2027, earning $5.5 million per year.

Details to follow.

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Philip Danault reveals shocking information on his health

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