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Slafkovsky could refuse a major contract offer this summer

Published May 3, 2024 at 1:37 PM

In his latest article, journalist Arpon Basu discussed the case of Juraj Slafkovsky and his potential contract extension.

He raised an intriguing point.

Many observers have raised the possibility of signing Juraj Slafkovsky to a big 8-year contract now, to save money in the long run, but there's a possibility that practically no one had talked about before.

What if Juraj Slafkovsky refused?

If he signs an 8-year contract extension this summer, the price is likely to be $7 to $8 million per year, but on the other hand, if he refuses, the price could go up.

Imagine if Slafkovsky refuses to sign this summer, waits until next summer and scores, let's say, 35 goals and 75 points next season.

We could possibly go from a contract of $7.5 million per year to a contract of more than $9 million per year.

A big decision for Juraj Slafkovksy with his next contract and he might bet on himself!

Slaf, 6 feet 3 inches and 230 pounds, finished the season with a tally of 35 points in 39 games.

«Juraj Slafkovsky can sign a contract extension starting July 1, just like Kaiden Guhle.

However, Slafkovsky's case is unique because he was a first overall pick and has shown serious potential to become a star forward, a unique combination of size, skill, and intelligence that the Canadiens will probably want to secure for the long term, as early as this summer.» - Arpon Basu

And it is added here that Slafkovsky could indeed possibly decide to refuse the offers from the Tricolore. Not because the Slovak forward does not want to commit long-term to the organization, but simply because he would thus bet on himself.

«The question for Slafkovsky and Guhle is whether they want to do it right away [sign a contract extension]. A year away from the end of their entry contract, they might decide to bet on themselves and wait, which would be perfectly justified.» - Arpon Basu

So, this is a case to follow for this summer.

Slafkovsky, 20 years old, has amassed 20 goals and 50 total points this season, in 82 games. The forward drafted first overall in 2022 has shown serious potential, and it's very encouraging for the future.

Credit: - Majeur: Slafkovsky pourrait refuser une offre du Canadien cet été
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Slafkovsky could refuse a major contract offer this summer

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