The head coach of the Bruins made an extremely rare offer to Patrice Bergeron

Published July 25, 2023 at 6:16 PM
In the last few hours, a major, even historic, news has emerged in the hockey world, as Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron officially announced his retirement.

A true legend.

Bergeron explained that it was a very thoughtful decision and that there were several crucial elements to consider.

What's interesting is that Patrice didn't necessarily have two clear options on the table (to play or not play next year).

A third option was on the table for Bergeron

His head coach, Jim Montgomery, made a public offer to him, and it would have been almost unprecedented in the NHL.

It's extremely rare to see this, but it was definitely an option that was considered. Here it is:

"I told Patrice that if he wanted to come and play 60, 40, or 10 games, I'll take him." - Jim Montgomery, who won the Jack Adams Trophy.

"Bergeron won the Frank Selke Trophy for a sixth time." -Via J-F Chaumont

As a true competitor, Bergeron probably would never have been able to commit "halfway" and play only a few games plus the playoffs, but he had that option.

The fact that the Bruins offered him this, speaks volumes about the esteem they have for him.

Congratulations again on your incredible career, Patrice Bergeron!

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The head coach of the Bruins made an extremely rare offer to Patrice Bergeron

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