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Logan Cooley lends a serious hand to the Canadiens

Published April 11, 2024 at 5:27 PM

While Martin St-Louis's team is benefiting from the emergence of young Juraj Slafkovsky, here comes young Logan Cooley to also help the cause of the CH.

Life is sometimes quite ironic.

As my colleague Nicolas Desrosiers from Marqueur cleverly points out, while Slafkovsky is helping the Canadiens gain points in the standings, Cooley is doing exactly the same thing with the Arizona Coyotes.

And it really helps the cause of Kent Hughes and the Tricolore!

As long as the Coyotes are winning, it's "not a big deal" if the Canadiens continue to accumulate points in the standings, as the players notably did on Tuesday against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Logan Cooley comes to help the Canadiens not worsen their chances ahead of the 2024 lottery and it resolves at the level of the overall standings

Montreal really needs another young elite talent, and getting too many points late in the season could unfortunately harm the rebuilding and future success of the club.

The Habs' pick could slip from the 4th or 5th overall pick to the 8th or 9th overall pick, which would really not be ideal. (not to mention the chances of drafting Macklin Celebrini which would drastically decrease)

Yesterday, while the Canadiens were really on track to surpass the Coyotes in the standings, young Logan Cooley took matters into his own hands!

He scored the winning goal in overtime, collected two points, and helped his team surprise the powerful Vancouver Canucks.

The Coyotes thus picked up a big 2 points in the standings.

Cooley has six goals and 11 points in his last 10 games, and he's almost single-handedly keeping Arizona ahead of the Canadiens in the standings.

We love it.

Here is the ranking for the lottery as of today:


Let's hope the CH can pull off a top 5 pick!

Credit: Marqueur.com - Logan Cooley à la rescousse du Canadien de Montréal? Ça se confirme
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Logan Cooley lends a serious hand to the Canadiens

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