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Bettman begins his plan for the Coyotes' relocation next season

Published April 10, 2024 at 12:15

Journalist Frank Seravalli just broke a scoop about the Arizona Coyotes moving, and it's coming from the NHL.

Wow. The National Hockey League is thus working on a schedule for next season, considering that the Coyotes will be relocated and will play in Salt Lake City!

This clearly shows that it really feels like the end for the Coyotes in Arizona, and even with the numerous rumors over the past few years, it has never gone this far.

Even Gary Bettman and the NHL are starting to give up and prepare for post-Arizona, but it's obviously another slap in the face for fans hoping for the return of the Quebec Nordiques.

Really don't be surprised if the Coyotes are in Salt Lake City starting next season.

This is huge!

"Sources: NHL is drafting two schedule versions for next season - one with Coyotes in Arizona, another with the relocated franchise playing in Salt Lake City.

Fluid situation. Lots of moving parts. Details on dual paths and a potential transaction." - Frank Seravalli

Here is the link.

Details will follow as this is a big story in development. We look forward to hearing comments from Bettman and Bill Daly on this matter.
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Bettman begins his plan for the Coyotes' relocation next season

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