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Brière was very close to being named GM of the Habs instead of Hughes

Published April 9, 2024 at 10:31 PM

The current general manager of the Philadelphia Flyers, Daniel Brière, was very close to being named for the Montreal Canadiens instead of Kent Hughes.

Was Daniel Brière the finalist for the position that was awarded to Kent Hughes?

On the RDS airwaves in the last few hours, as the Habs were facing Daniel Brière's Flyers, we learned new information about the hiring process for Montreal's GM, which took place in 2022-23.

It was during an interview with the excellent Patrice Bélanger, who is notably the host of Survivor Québec but is also a very good friend of Brière, that we learned more.

According to Patrice Bélanger, his friend went very far in the process, although he indeed almost ended up in the position.

"I would have liked that (for him to be the GM of the CH), because it would have meant that my buddy would have been closer. We would have spent nice evenings together more often. I would have known things, and you would have invited me more often (jokingly). What I find 'fun' is that he was considered for a long time in the process and he really came close to becoming the GM of the Canadiens. I think it was formative for him, to ultimately end up where he is with the Flyers."

- Patrice Bélanger

Obviously, the choice of Jeff Gorton and Geoff Molson was finally Kent Hughes, an excellent choice according to all indications at the moment.

"Daniel Brière was very seriously considered for the position of GM of the Canadiens at the time!" - RDS

In the end, all's well that ends well. Brière was eventually named GM a little later, with the Flyers, and both men are doing excellent work in Montreal and Philadelphia.

Interesting question... if Daniel Brière had been named as GM of the Montreal Canadiens, would he have drafted Matvei Michkov? Remember, it was he who selected him with the Flyers.

Speaking of Daniel Brière, he just caused a surprise on the set of 5 à 7. A very nice television moment.

Wow! We love it!

Credit : GoNordiques.com - Brière à la place de Kent Hughes comme DG du CH: énorme scoop à RDS
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Brière was very close to being named GM of the Habs instead of Hughes

Which of the following duos would you have taken first in Montreal?

Bričre and Michkov6516.9 %
Kent Hughes and David Reinbacher32083.1 %
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