TVA Sports adds more to the rumours surrounding Patrik Laine to Montreal

Elias Edmonson
May 27, 2024  (7:37 PM)

Photo of Patrick Laine
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The name Patrik Laine is increasingly circulating in trade discussions and among the Montreal Canadiens.

If Kent Hughes ever doesn't want to pay the high price and give up solid assets to acquire names like Martin Necas or Trevor Zegras, Laine could become a very interesting alternative.
With Cole Caufield, it would add another excellent natural scorer to Martin St-Louis' lineup.

Patrik Laine with the Montreal Canadiens? TVA Sports adds more

The sports network has indeed just published an article that discusses this possibility in depth.
Knowing that Kent Hughes wants to acquire a top-6 forward, could Laine be an interesting possibility? In any case, he would cost much less to acquire via trade than Zegras or Necas.
According to circulating reports, the 26th overall pick (Jets' 1st pick) could almost be enough to get Laine.
The Canadiens might need to add a young defenseman like Justin Barron, but it would mainly allow them to keep Logan Mailloux and the other young defensemen in the organization, which would be difficult to do in a trade to acquire Martin Necas or Trevor Zegras.
«Laine is a natural scorer who needs to be well surrounded. With the emergence of Nick Suzuki and Juraj Slafkosvky and the presence of Cole Caufield as a scorer on the left wing of the first line, the 6-foot-5 forward wouldn't have to play the role of number one scorer with the Canadiens and could thrive in a more understated role.

Moreover, he could benefit from the advice of a coaching team that prioritizes guidance and development.» - TVA Sports

It's a topic to keep in mind, but the question is interesting to ask.
Do you prefer to pay much more to acquire a Trevor Zegras or a Martin Necas, or do you like the idea of getting Patrik Laine at a lower cost?
Laine, 26, is a 6-foot-5, 220-pound monster who scored 36 and 44 goals in his first two NHL seasons. That's extremely impressive.
He also added 52 points in 55 games last season, and 9 points in 18 games this season.
In his career, we're talking about 388 points in 480 games, including 204 goals. That's very solid.
Patrik Laine is under contract until 2026, at 8.7 million dollars per year, an amount the Canadiens can afford for two seasons.
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TVA Sports adds more to the rumours surrounding Patrik Laine to Montreal

If you were GM of the Canadiens, which trade would you do?

Paying a high price for Trevor Zegras425.8 %
Paying a high price for Martin Necas13618.8 %
Paying less to acquire Patrik Laine32144.3 %
None of those Answers22631.2 %
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