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Trevor Zegras finally opens up on the trade rumours surrounding him

Published April 23, 2024 at 12:29

Throughout the season, trade rumors have linked the Canadiens and the young forward from the Anaheim Ducks, Trevor Zegras.

Many thought that the young American would be the player that Kent Hughes would acquire, as he always does, during the off-season. The forward's connection with Cole Caufield and the fact that the Habs GM confirmed wanting to add offensive punch to his team only increased the speculation.

We learn today that Zegras is very aware of these rumors. In an interview with Eric Stephens from The Athletic, he stated that it was impossible to ignore the rumors during the season.

"We see them. It's hard not to see them (the rumors). It really sucks."

"When certain teams are the subject of rumors, it's obvious that it takes a different direction, somehow." - Trevor Zegras

It's known that Zegras signed a three-season contract valued at $17.25 million ($5.75 million/year) with the Ducks during the last off-season. He has two more seasons on his contract before becoming a restricted free agent. He is thus well set with the Ducks, and there is no rush to trade him. Moreover, the interested party has not yet discussed his future with the organization's GM, Pat Verbeek.

"Pat is excellent at his job. You see the guys he's brought in here and those he's drafted. I have a lot of confidence in Pat. I know he will do what's best for this team."

"Whether we talk or not, I know he always has the Ducks' interests in mind and what is best for this team. We just need to let him do his job and try to play the best hockey possible." - Trevor Zegras


In 31 games this season, Zegras has accumulated 6 goals and 9 assists for a total of 15 points. He has been sidelined more often than not, dealing with an ankle injury.

It will be very interesting to see what plans the Ducks have for him. If they really want to trade him, Kent Hughes will have to inquire, if he hasn't already, and most importantly, make a decision. Will he disregard the young man's reputation and try to acquire him?

This will definitely be a case to follow up to the next draft!


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Trevor Zegras finally opens up on the trade rumours surrounding him

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