The Canadiens could be on the verge of acquiring their own Jack Eichel according to Craig Button

February 19, 2024  (0:29)

Jack Eichel with Habs GM Kent Hughes
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One of the rumors involving the Canadiens that's currently generating a lot of buzz is undoubtedly the one about Trevor Zegras.

Everyone has their own opinion on the matter, and there's far from a unanimous consensus about his likely arrival with the Habs.
The fact that he perfectly fits the team's needs and is a very good friend of Cole Caufield also helps to link him to the city of Montreal.
However, it's important to note that the buzz isn't just coming from the Quebec province. The link between Zegras and the Canadiens is also being discussed elsewhere in the league.
As proof, Craig Button recently discussed on TSN that Montreal was the best fit for the American forward.
Button even went further in his comments by stating that Zegras could be the next Jack Eichel.
"The last time I heard the 'you can't win with him' rhetoric, it was about Jack Eichel. [] Like Eichel, I believe Trevor Zegras can change the direction of a franchise on his own." - Craig Button

Remember, Eichel was excellent on a very poor team. After his trade to Vegas, in a setup where he didn't have to be the sole leader, the former Sabre was able to truly showcase his value.
This situation closely mirrors what Zegras is currently experiencing. He is better than what he's showing right now, and Button seems to think that in a different setup, he could prove it.
The CH also have the tools to make such a transaction as they possess several prospects and numerous draft picks. It just remains to be seen what Kent Hughes is willing to offer to get the talented forward.
Button, however, reminds us that Zegras's value is currently very low due to his injury history. His reputation, being voted the league's most underrated player, along with his seemingly individualistic attitude, could also help lower the price.
Button reiterated his thoughts on Zegras in another podcast, that of Tony Marinaro. He explained how the young man is a game changer and how players of his caliber are rare these days.
"I want Zegras on my team. Zegras is a game changer, a franchise changer [] If this guy is available, I'm calling Pat Verbeek every day." – Craig Button

Will Kent Hughes look at what the Vegas Golden Knights did with Jack Eichel and attempt the same with Trevor Zegras?
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The Canadiens could be on the verge of acquiring their own Jack Eichel according to Craig Button

Is Zegras the next Eichel?

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