Kaiden Guhle versus a top-10 draft pick: major statement emerges

Elias Edmonson
June 1, 2024  (6:03 PM)

Photo of Kaiden Ghule
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Since the 2020 draft, many have claimed that the best player of that draft was Tim Stutzle and not Alexis Lafrenière, who was the first overall pick.

However, the recent success of the Quebecer changes things.
Although he was slow to start, we can now say that the one nicknamed "Laffy" has found his stride.
In addition to achieving a personal best this season with 57 points, including 28 goals, we have seen a confident and very complete player. We have proof of this during the current playoffs as he is playing very solid hockey.
On BPM Sports, journalist Mathias Brunet was willing to redo the 2020 draft, keeping in mind Lafrenière's recent success. To everyone's surprise, he does not place the Quebecer at the top of his list, nor Tim Stutzle or Quinton Byfield. For him, the true first pick of that draft is defenseman Jake Sanderson.
The journalist's top 3 would look like this:
1- Jake Sanderson
2- Tim Stutzle
3- It's between Quinton Byfield and Alexis Lafrenière

Kaiden Guhle, a top-10 pick of the 2020 draft according to Mathias Brunet and a few ranks behind Alexis Lafrenière

Brunet also places Kaiden Guhle in the top 10 of that draft, who was selected 16th overall.

Juraj Slafkovsky before Alexis Lafrenière nonetheless, still according to Mathias Brunet

In the same segment, Brunet also claims he would take Juraj Slafkovsky over Lafrenière. He prefers the size of the current CH player to that of the Rangers and admires what he has accomplished at just 19 years old.
Slaf, with his 50 points last season, is already not very far, in terms of offensive production, from Laffy. We can already project three years ahead when he will be, like the Quebecer currently, 22 years old. Imagine how many points the CH player could score in a season with three more years under his belt!
The full audio of Brunet is below:
BPM Sports - Jake Sanderson au premier rang, Guhle dans le top-10
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Kaiden Guhle versus a top-10 draft pick: major statement emerges

Who, in your opinion, is the true first pick of this 2020 draft?

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