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Canadiens Implicated in Blockbuster Multi-Team Trade Involving Superstar Jake Guentzel? A Gamechanger May Go Down Tomorrow

Published March 5, 2024 at 8:45 PM

You've certainly heard about it today, but one name is now THE name to watch on the NHL trade market.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are reportedly planning to trade their star forward Jake Guentzel by tomorrow morning or evening.

A trade is about to be announced for star forward Jake Guentzel with the Pittsburgh Penguins

Here's what the renowned Darren Dreger has shared on this:

"Sources say the Penguins hope to have a trade in place for Jake Guentzel by tomorrow night. Pittsburgh is open to quality over quantity in return, but would like a first-round pick, a young NHL player, as well as prospects. Flexibility belongs to the caliber of the prospect or the young NHL player included." - Darren Dreger

This is big, but there's more.

"With the Canucks being seen as among those pursuing Jake Guentzel, rumor has it they've had discussions about moving Elias Lindholm to the Bruins as part of the negotiations to make it happen.

Nothing concrete is in place at the moment. Still a lot of moving pieces." - Chris Johnston

This seems to be huge in the making.

Jake Guentzel would move to the Canucks, Elias Lindholm to the Bruins, and several youths and picks would go to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

However, the Penguins will clearly need a team to retain part of Guentzel's salary here.

The Montreal Canadiens in the mix for this major trade?

This is where Kent Hughes comes into play.

Remember that a few days ago, the excellent insider Frank Seravalli also revealed very intriguing information about an upcoming trade for Guentzel involving the Montreal Canadiens.

The Habs would be the favorite to act as the third team, just as they did to help the Penguins in the Erik Karlsson trade.

"1. The Montreal Canadiens. Projected cap space: $5.65 million. Remaining retained slots: 1

The Tricolore always monitors the market prices on the third-party brokerage game (third team involved in a trade to retain salary). You can bet they'll be in on it especially if Jake Allen stays." - Via Frank Seravalli

In this case, the Habs would be the 4th team in the trade.

One thing is certain, the trade of Jake Guentzel seems much more a matter of "when" and not a matter of "if" he will be traded in the next few hours.

Quietly, he has produced at paces of 85, 77, 91, 83, and 90 points over the last seasons. We're talking about an elite winger and a monster trade.

Don't be surprised if something like this is announced tomorrow:

TO MONTREAL - 2nd or 3rd round pick (and Guentzel's salary)

TO BOSTON - Elias Lindholm

TO VANCOUVER - Jake Guentzel

TO PITTSBURGH - Young players and high-quality picks

Stay tuned! This is big.

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Canadiens Implicated in Blockbuster Multi-Team Trade Involving Superstar Jake Guentzel? A Gamechanger May Go Down Tomorrow

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