A concrete trade proposal emerges that would land Martin Necas in Montreal

Elias Edmonson
May 28, 2024  (9:11)

Photo of Martin Necas and Logan Mailloux
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The name Martin Necas is currently circulating in the trade market, and many sources are linking him to the Montreal Canadiens and Kent Hughes.

It's logical. We're talking about a young forward who can play on the first or second line, standing 6 feet 2 inches tall, and who collected 71 points last season.
This is exactly what Montreal is actively searching for, and in addition, he can be solid both at center and on the wing.
That said, it's always interesting to see a concrete trade offer, to get a better idea of the elements that need to be sacrificed to acquire a targeted player.
It helps to know whether it's worth wishing for the acquisition of a player or not.

A concrete trade proposal involving Martin Necas and Logan Mailloux for Kent Hughes and the Habs

See what analyst Marc-Olivier Beaudoin has just suggested.
«The 5th overall pick is not an option (to include in a trade involving Martin Necas).

The 26th overall pick + Logan Mailloux + Oliver Kapanen (and possibly a player from the lineup) would be much more acceptable.»

Do you like his proposal? Would you make the following trade?
To Montreal -
Martin Necas
To Carolina -
Jets' 1st round pick (26th overall) +
Logan Mailloux +
Oliver Kapanen +
a player like Joel Armia
Necas, 25, collected 53 points in 77 games this season, 71 points in 82 games last season, and 9 points in 11 games during the 2024 playoffs. He was the 12th overall pick in 2017.
Mailloux, 21, collected 47 points in 72 games this season in the AHL, and 1 point in 1 game in the NHL with the Canadiens. He was the 31st overall pick in 2021.
Kapanen, 20, collected 34 points in 51 games this season in the top Finnish league, and 14 points in 13 playoff games. He had a superb World Hockey Championship and was the 64th overall pick in 2021.
Armia, 30, collected 25 points in 66 games this season, and 14 points in 43 games last season. He was the 16th overall pick in 2011.
It's a considerable price to pay, but Martin Necas could really become a great player for the Montreal Canadiens and would be a long-term top-6 player.
I really don't like the idea of giving up a young player like Logan Mailloux, but it's true that you have to give to receive, and we currently have more needs in attack than in defense.
And you, would you do it?
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A concrete trade proposal emerges that would land Martin Necas in Montreal

Would you trade the 26th overall pick, Logan Mailloux, Oliver Kapanen, and Joel Armia for Martin Necas?

Yes15522.2 %
No54277.8 %
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