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A big door has just opened for Kent Hughes for a big trade

Published April 19, 2024 at 1:41 PM

At a press conference on Wednesday, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton set the stage for a busy summer of acquisitions, and now a door has just opened.

The leaders of the CH seem determined to reach the next level and to be "in the mix" for the next NHL playoff race.

During the various end-of-season reviews across the NHL, some players sometimes put themselves on the trading market, and Jakob Chychrun may have just done that.

A first big name on the trading market, a first door that opens for Kent Hughes and the CH with Jakob Chychrun?

Ideally, they would obviously need a forward, so it's not the opportunity of a lifetime for Hughes and Gorton, but it's good to know that Chychrun would be available. He is still an excellent offensive defenseman and brings a lot of attack from the blue line.

His name had been linked to the Tricolore a few years ago.

Chychrun, 26 years old, is a 16th overall pick (1st round) of the 2016 National Hockey League draft.

He has amassed 41 points, including a solid 14 goals, in 82 games this season on the blue line for the Ottawa Senators.

Chychrun has one more season on his contract which earns him 4.6 million per season and he will thereafter become an unrestricted free agent (but eligible for a contract extension).

See his response, when asked about his future in Ottawa:

"It's a tough question, I don't know. Honestly, I haven't thought about it. I know I have one year left on my contract. There have been no discussions about an extension or anything else, so I haven't really thought about that idea. It's hard to sit here and pretend like that's the case and everything is fine. You have to take things day by day, see if and when we have those discussions and go from there - Jakob Chychrun

Free translation: he really does not seem to see himself in Ottawa in the long term, or at least, he is not ready to commit at the moment.

Don't be really surprised if he's traded this summer.

A response like that, often, really says a lot.

Credit : HABSolumentFan - Jakob Chychrun ne semble pas vouloir rester à Ottawa
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A big door has just opened for Kent Hughes for a big trade

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