Montreal Canadiens' trade involving the young defenseman Justin Barron? It has just been seriously mentioned by a Journalist

Elias Edmonson
January 28, 2024  (6:51 PM)

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We all know it, there are too many defensemen in the Canadiens' organizational chart. Kent Hughes will, sooner rather than later, have no choice but to let go of one or two to make room.

While many think that Jordan Harris will be the one sacrificed, others have a different view on the matter. In a discussion with Arpon Basu, journalist Marc Antoine Godin thinks that the CH should rather get rid of Justin Barron while his value is currently good (despite his recent demotion with the Laval Rocket). They should not wait for his value to decrease, which could very well happen eventually.
What prompts Godin to have this reflection is the fact that Kaiden Guhle is doing very well on the right side. This aspect gives Martin St-Louis a lot of possibilities, even if he does not like to see a left-hander play on his bad side. Continuing to play Guhle in that position could therefore push Barron out.
However, do not think that Godin does not appreciate Barron's contribution to the team's lineup. He simply does not think that the CH will give him the confidence he deserves. There are too many defensemen in the organization, and the trade value of the young defenseman would be greater than what it will be in a few years.
Moreover, even if the CH is overflowing with left-handed defensemen, why get rid of one when they are useful to the club? Xhekaj, Struble, Matheson, Guhle, and soon Hutson will all be very useful to the club in the coming years, even if they all have the same laterality. So, why not take the opportunity to trade a right-hander (Barron) and eventually think about getting rid of Harris?
Following his idea of trading Barron, Godin continued to elaborate on the benefits of seeing Guhle play on the right. According to him, it could even help Logan Mailloux and David Reinbacher. The stability of the young defenseman could delay the arrival of the two rookies, which would be excellent for their progression as they would not be rushed to be used in a role they are not yet ready to fulfill. They could benefit from another year of progression, even in the AHL, without the immediate pressure of being a pillar of the parent team.
It's a file to follow but Godin just sowed an excellent point in my head.
So don't be surprised to see Barron leave the Montreal Canadiens by next March 8th!
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Montreal Canadiens' trade involving the young defenseman Justin Barron? It has just been seriously mentioned by a Journalist

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