Major trade : Jeff Petry gets the Penguins into trouble

Published July 22, 2023 at 12:02

Erik Karlsson's situation continues to generate a lot of buzz this summer because we know a massive trade is imminent.

We're talking about a defenseman who tallied 101 points, including 25 goals, last season - a historic achievement.

The Pittsburgh Penguins and the Carolina Hurricanes are the two favorite teams to acquire Karlsson, but all indications point to the Penguins being in the lead.

At least, Sidney Crosby's team seems to be the preferred destination for the 33-year-old star defenseman.

However, despite all the efforts of the Penguins' general manager to seal the deal, there's clearly something blocking the trade.

And according to several sources, that "something blocking" is Jeff Petry.

To make room for Erik Karlsson in their lineup, the Penguins need to clear space in their salary cap and roster.

Coincidentally, they have a right-handed defenseman (like Karlsson and Kris Letang) who is earning too much and is no longer useful to the team. His name is Jeff Petry.

To sum it up, it appears that, in all likelihood, to add Karlsson, the Penguins must get rid of Petry first.

However, there's a problem.

Jeff Petry stands in Pittsburgh's way

Just as he did with the Montreal Canadiens, Petry handcuffs his general manager because, in this case, he doesn't want to go to San Jose.

Let's remember that he has the power to block a trade to half of the NHL destinations under his contract.

"Whether it's because San Jose is far away in the West, due to California's tax rate, because it's a left-leaning state (his family is conservative), or simply because it's far from Michigan, where his family resides, the reasons could be numerous."

Charles-Alexis Brisebois

Therefore, Petry is causing trouble for the Penguins, and he's probably the one currently blocking the acquisition of Erik Karlsson. He has 100% the right to do so, and we must respect that, but it certainly doesn't help his new boss.

According to multiple sources, the Penguins will likely have to pay more to free Petry's contract in a three-team trade. It's far from ideal.

Unfortunately, it didn't take long for Petry to become a burden and a very undesirable contract for Pittsburgh.

What a move by Kent Hughes, once again!

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Major trade : Jeff Petry gets the Penguins into trouble

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